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66 1021d 06h adeniz /trunk/ Corrected SnfSnifferDirName for Ubuntu.
65 1391d 05h adeniz /trunk/ Change permission and owner:group of SnfSnifferDirName only when
creating SnfSnifferDirName. Reason: SnfSnifferDirName could be
a system directory (e.g. "/usr/sbin"), and the permission and
owner:group of system directories should not be changed.
64 1523d 22h adeniz /trunk/ Remove non-source files from source directories.
63 1524d 00h adeniz /trunk/ Move from PKG-SNF-CS-NIX.
62 1746d 21h adeniz /trunk/ Improved grammer.
61 1746d 21h adeniz /trunk/ Removed integration for OpenSuse. Reason: sendmail configuration file for OpenSuse
is controlled by SuSEconfig, and SuSEconfig does not support configuration with milters.

Checking with the opensuse-programming list yielded one response: Configuration needs to be
done manually, and most people use postfix anyway.
60 1789d 08h adeniz /trunk/ Make share/snf-milter be owned by snfuser with mode 755 (so that the
rulebase can be created by snfuser).
59 1789d 08h adeniz /trunk/ Make postfix a member of the snfuser group upon integration with postfix.
58 1803d 22h adeniz /trunk/ Do not check failbit when copying a file. Reason: Copying an empty file causes
failbit to be set even when there is no error.
57 1828d 06h adeniz /trunk/ Implemented updating of SNFMilter.xml, tested -with functionality on Ubuntu.
56 1831d 19h adeniz /trunk/ Removed diagnostic.
55 1831d 19h adeniz /trunk/ Implemented PostfixIntegrate::MtaConfigurationIsChrooted().
54 1831d 20h adeniz /trunk/ PostfixMilterConf constructor accepts the milter spec rather than always using unix:/var/snf-milter/socket.
53 1831d 21h adeniz /trunk/ Upgraded Utility::ReplaceXmlAttribute to ignore elements in comments.
52 1837d 13h adeniz /trunk/ Add newline if necessary when removing postfix integration.
51 1856d 19h adeniz /trunk/ Completed unit tests.
50 1860d 04h adeniz /trunk/ Unit tested PostfixMilterConf::IsIntegrated, IsMilterLine, and
49 1872d 03h adeniz /trunk/ Implemented PostfixMilterConf, class to updated the smtpd_milters line
in postfix

Modified PostfixIntegrate to use PostfixMilterConf.

Need to implement unit test for PostfixMilterConf.
48 1886d 21h adeniz /trunk/ Removed "# Added by ..." when integrating with postfix.
47 1887d 02h adeniz /trunk/ Do not include $smtpd_milters in the definition of smtpd_milters. This is a temporary
fix, since assigning a value to smtpd_milters would overwrite any previous value.