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22 461d 06h madscientist /trunk/ Version Number Change.
21 1050d 13h madscientist /trunk/ Updated version number to go along with updates to the engine. There are no real changes with the SNFServer code, but this number update will remove confusion about whether the SNFServer engine is up to date with the fairly significant changes in the underlying engine.
20 1262d 13h adeniz /trunk/ Remove non-source files from source directories.
19 1586d 17h madscientist /trunk/ Updated current windows interim release .exe
18 1828d 07h madscientist /trunk/ Dropped E3.0.17 binary, added E3.0.18 binary.
17 2012d 10h adeniz /trunk/ Initial revision of ChangeLog. This file is included in the source
16 2153d 11h madscientist /trunk/ New official version of SNFServer executable. Removing previous version.
15 2153d 12h madscientist /trunk/ Committing candidate SNFServer with refined SNFMulti code covering rule panic handling and pattern match voting.
14 2228d 11h madscientist /trunk/ Deleted V3.0.2-E3.0.11 executable.
Posted V3.0.2-E3.0.16 executable.
13 2775d 11h madscientist /trunk/ Updated windows SNFServer binary with latest fix (memory leak for bad rulebase files)
12 2797d 18h madscientist /trunk/ Posted new "golden" SNFServerV3.0.2-E3.0.10.exe
11 2803d 12h madscientist /trunk/ New official build of SNFServer.
10 2803d 18h madscientist /trunk/ Updated mingwm10.dll. New SNFServer build requires newest mingwm10.dll (see notes on version problems discovered when building snfmulti.dll project)
9 2829d 11h adeniz /trunk/ Install and remove SNFDebugServer.
8 2861d 12h adeniz /trunk/ Include ChangeLog in the user tarball.
7 2874d 11h madscientist /trunk/ Compiled Win* version SNFServerV3.0.2-E3.0.5.exe
6 2883d 12h madscientist /trunk/
5 2952d 04h madscientist /trunk/ Re-factored for separation from CodeDweller and SNFMulti
Minor tweaks
4 2952d 11h madscientist /trunk/ Corrected copyright notice in main.cpp
3 2952d 11h madscientist /trunk/ Added copyright notice to main.cpp