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66 522d 12h madscientist /trunk/ Bumped tiny revision for buffer allocation bug fix in CodeDweller configuration.cpp
65 640d 02h madscientist /trunk/ Replaced White-Guard algorithm with Strangers algorightm.
Updated version number of SNFMulti.
64 646d 06h madscientist /trunk/ Tightened up evaluator code to eliminate un-necessary attempts to match precise tokens.
63 660d 02h madscientist /trunk/
57 1200d 10h madscientist /trunk/ Fixed the Black X-header so that it ignores above-band result codes.
Incremented the very minor engine revision number.
56 1234d 09h madscientist /trunk/ Fixed warning where a Mutex passed to GBUdbRecordLockingShim() by value should have been passed by reference. (reference to stack allocated object)
Bumped minor revision on the engine -- now 3.1.2.
55 1239d 19h madscientist /trunk/ Implemented WhiteGuard
Updated engine revision number
54 1317d 13h madscientist /trunk/ Added missing snf_saccades files from previous commit.
53 1318d 07h madscientist /trunk/ Implemented AI based "saccades" engine to improve scanning efficiency. The Saccades engine borrows from vision systems research and allows SNF to learn important message structures and adapt it's scanning technique in real-time. Using this engine SNF can often avoid scanning large portions of each message without missing important content resulting in potentially 10 fold improvements in scanner efficiency.
52 1337d 14h madscientist /trunk/ Further optimized deep code in the scanning engine using a jump table to replace a collection of if/else logic.
Updated some of the related code using more modern and/or correct coding practices.
51 1342d 12h madscientist /trunk/ Improved time tracking / reporting.
50 1389d 07h madscientist /trunk/ Minor revision tick.
49 1389d 07h madscientist /trunk/ Bug Fix: Corrected Timestamp() formatting.
48 1389d 07h madscientist /trunk/ Bug Fix: Updated Timestamp() to use C++ stringstream and to handle possible null pointer from gmtime()
47 1441d 09h adeniz /trunk/ Remove non-source files from source directories.
46 1673d 02h madscientist /trunk/ Minor tweak
45 1673d 02h madscientist /trunk/ Added stubs for snf_micro.
44 1766d 09h madscientist /trunk/ Fixed a bug in scanMessageFile where the XHDRInjectOn flag was being interpreted before it had been set by the configuration This caused large messages to be rewritten shorter than they needed to be when header injection was turned on because the flag would appear to be off and the MessageFileSize would be recalculated downward. Later, after the flag was set, the headers would be injected into the shortened file.

Added a function to snf_RulebaseHandler that safely peeks at the current configuration to facilitate the above bug fix.

Bumbed the minor revision number for the engine.
43 1767d 06h madscientist /trunk/ Improved code quality for logic that shrinks the message size when header injection is turned off.

Bumped minor revision number.
42 1796d 05h madscientist /trunk/ Corrected a bug where match records were not recorded in the ScanData.
Updated engine minor version.