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15 1031d 16h adeniz / Increased number of Actions for each Sniffer result code to 255.
Actions 64 thru 99 by default are the milter Error action.
Actions 100 and above by default are the milter NoAction action.
Actions 63 and below are unchanged.
14 1261d 12h adeniz / Remove non-source files from source directories.
13 2021d 21h adeniz / Addressed issue reported by SpamHero support.
12 2754d 12h adeniz / Check for null HostAddr in mlfi_connect.
11 2824d 10h adeniz / Fixed coding style and improved comments. Fixed typo in error message.
10 2848d 18h adeniz / Removed signal catching Added SNFMilter version and libmilter protocol
version (SMFI_PROT_VERSION) to debug outptu.
9 2850d 17h adeniz / Install/uninstall hard link SNFDebugMilter linked to SNFMilter.
Tested on Ubuntu.
8 2850d 17h adeniz / Removed signal catching.
7 2853d 10h adeniz / Replace SNFMilterContext::SkipReturn with global variable SkipReturn
(in file SNFMilter.cpp). Implemented assignContextToCtx to assign a
SNFMilterContext object.
6 2860d 11h adeniz / Include and ChangeLog in the distribution.
5 2860d 11h adeniz / Removed ProductionQueue.hpp since the functionality was moved to
threading.hpp in CodeDweller.
4 2861d 10h adeniz / Added default clause to switch statement in SNFMilterEngine::scanIP().
3 2863d 10h adeniz / Removed ProductionQueue.hpp from user tarball (, and did
not include it in SNFMilter.hpp. Added ChangeLog to contain log of
changes to the code.
2 2950d 16h madscientist / Removed - defunct temporary file
1 2952d 11h madscientist / setup