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9 1373d 00h adeniz /trunk/ Remove dependency on config.h.

Hard-code version to 3.0.
8 1383d 00h adeniz /trunk/ Remove non-source files from source directories.
7 2026d 02h adeniz /trunk/ This file is generated by the build procedure.
6 2125d 03h adeniz /trunk/ Added so that software from the repository can be built without
running autoreconf.
5 2981d 23h adeniz /trunk/ Include and ChangeLog in the user tarball.
4 2982d 23h adeniz /trunk/ Removed \0 at end of format string in Timestamp().
3 2985d 01h adeniz /trunk/ In, search SNFMulti library before CodeDweller. Add
ChangeLog for logging changes to the code.
2 3072d 21h madscientist /trunk/ Restructured to use SNFMulti and CodeDweller modules
Added svn:external SNFMulti
Added svn:external CodeDweller
1 3073d 23h madscientist /trunk/ setup