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60 488d 02h adeniz / Updated version to 1.4.1.
59 605d 23h madscientist / Updating Application Version for using newest Engine Version.
58 1245d 07h adeniz / Incremented version to 1.3.0 (added saccades functionality).
57 1305d 07h madscientist / Corrected bug where Hold action cannot complete because the reader is not available. Previous "improvement" was based on a bad assumption that responses were emitted during the job. Actually, responses are emitted after the job is finalized and sent to the output processor so that theory was incorrect. Earlier problem was related to something else & this code was ok.
56 1355d 03h madscientist / Minor revision tick.
55 1355d 11h madscientist / Bug fix: doFile now closes message reader immediately after scan so that the file is not open when CGP resumes processing.

Cleanup: Clarified code in output processor to avoid confusion about the (J = CompletedJobs.take()) assignment while waiting for a 0.
54 1407d 05h adeniz / Remove non-source files from source directories.
53 1975d 01h adeniz / Not needed because the LabRats run "autoreconf --install".
52 2149d 08h adeniz / Added so that software from the repository can be built without
running autoreconf.
51 2366d 02h madscientist / Fixed bug where Reject action told CGP REJECTED. Quixotically CGPs API indicates that to Reject a message it needs to see ERROR, and that when it sees REJECTED message processing is actually postponed. A look at CGP logs indicates that REJECTED messages are scanned again later.

Added Postpone action which allows SNF4CGP to exercise CGPs REJECTED response.

Updated SNF4CGP revision numbers appropriately.
50 2366d 02h madscientist / Improved default
49 2366d 03h madscientist / Updated to include XML extensions (XSL/CSS)
Updated for new default configuration
48 2531d 12h adeniz / Changed version from 0.1.0 to 0.1.2 to match name of tarball.
47 2828d 10h madscientist / Simplified default configuration file path logic
46 2830d 10h adeniz / Default config file is now snf_milter.xml in the same directory as the
45 2833d 12h adeniz / Implemented default config file. Tested under Ubuntu; need to test
under Windows.
44 2834d 04h adeniz / Changed log and startup message prefix from "SNF4CGP" to "CGPSNF".
43 2852d 08h adeniz / Initial revision.
42 2852d 08h adeniz / Initial revision. This files is used for building the *nix package.
41 2853d 05h adeniz / Updated config files for CommuniGate.