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34 488d 02h adeniz / Incremented minor version. Reason: Fixed overrun bug in CodeDweller/
33 605d 23h madscientist / Version Number Change.
32 1246d 11h adeniz / Incremented middle version number after upgrading with the saccades engine.
31 1282d 05h adeniz / Add -D_USE_32BIT_TIME_T.
30 1331d 10h adeniz / Added optimization "-s -O3 -fexpensive-optimizations".
29 1354d 10h adeniz / Version changed from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0 to accomodate Rev 56 of SNF4CGP.
28 1397d 04h adeniz / Use junkmsg.txt from PKG-SNF4CGP-NIX.
27 1397d 04h adeniz / "c:\CommuniGatePro" -> "C:\CommuniGatePro" so that LabRat can find and replace the value of SNIFFER_PATH for testing.
26 1397d 04h adeniz / Changed "licensid" to "licenseid". Reason: This enables the LabRat to replace "licenseid" with the License ID.
25 1404d 04h adeniz / Initial revision.
24 1404d 14h adeniz / Tested building 32- and 64-bit module.
23 1405d 03h adeniz / Added files needed by the package.
22 1405d 03h adeniz / Create module with 7-zip.
21 1405d 04h adeniz / Initial revision.
20 1405d 04h adeniz / Copied curl.exe from trunk\CGPSNF.
19 1405d 04h adeniz / Copied files from trunk/CGPSNF except for cleanmsg.txt (from PKG-SNF4CGP-NIX).
18 1405d 06h adeniz / Updated svn:externals for source directories.
17 1405d 07h adeniz /
16 2356d 02h adeniz / Sniffer Engine version updated to 3.0.16, plugin version to 1.1.0.
15 2364d 22h adeniz / In default.html, changed version to 0.1.3, and made http downloads
active (to match default.html in NIX version).