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116 342d 09h adeniz / Incremented minor version. Reason: Fixed overrun bug in CodeDweller/
115 460d 05h madscientist / Version Number Change.
114 1028d 10h adeniz / Updated version after increasing the number of milter
actions from 64 to 256.
113 1058d 17h adeniz / Update comment.
112 1058d 17h adeniz / Use truss instead of strace in snf-milter.freebsd.
111 1066d 09h adeniz / Updated for FreeBSD 10: Use snfmilter_enable instead of `set_rcvar`.
110 1100d 18h adeniz / Incremented middle version number after upgrading with the saccades engine.
109 1136d 11h adeniz / Added snf_saccades source files.
108 1223d 11h adeniz / Use /etc/init.d/snf-milter to check whether the service is running.
Reason: Using /sbin/service does not output "running" if the service
is running.
107 1225d 08h adeniz / After running chkconfig, run systemctl if it exists. Reason: systemctl
--system daemon-reload needs to be run for Sniffer to be started and stopped
under OpenSuse 12.3.

Revert to using /sbin/service to start/stop Sniffer.
Reason: /sbin/service works correctly if systemctl is run.
106 1226d 14h adeniz / Replaced remaining /usr/sbin/service with /etc/init.d/snf-milter.
Reason: service doesn't work with /etc/init.d/snf-milter on OpenSuse 12.3.
105 1226d 14h adeniz / Use /etc/init.d/snf-milter to start/stop the service.
Reason: The service command doesn't work with snf-milter under
OpenSuse 12.3.
104 1226d 16h adeniz / Revert snf-milter.redhat.
snf-milter.suse: Create lock file in /var/lock instead of /var/lock/subsys.
Reason: /var/lock/subsys doesn't exist in OpenSuse 12.3.
103 1226d 16h adeniz / Create the lock file in /var/lock instead of /var/lock/subsys.
Reason: /var/lock/subsys doesn't exist in OpenSuse 12.3.
102 1226d 18h adeniz / Require /usr/sbin/useradd instead of shadow-utils. Reason:
shadow-utils does not exist in OpenSuse 12.3; useradd was moved from
package shadow-utils to shadow.
101 1257d 13h adeniz / changelog is now generated by create_snf-milter_debian.
100 1260d 10h adeniz / Restore test files (junkmsg.txt, cleanmsg.txt, etc).
99 1261d 12h adeniz / Fixed typo.
98 1261d 13h adeniz / Include SNFMilterConfig directory when searching for .h files.

Cosmetic change for top-level
97 1261d 14h adeniz / Remove non-source files from source directories.