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41 583d 15h stargazer /trunk/
40 584d 09h adeniz /trunk/ Incremented minor version. Reason: Fixed overrun bug in CodeDweller/
39 700d 15h stargazer /trunk/
38 700d 15h stargazer /trunk/
37 702d 06h madscientist /trunk/ Version Number Change.
36 714d 13h stargazer /trunk/
35 1342d 18h adeniz /trunk/ Incremented middle version number after upgrading with the saccades engine.
34 1378d 12h adeniz /trunk/ Add -D_USE_32BIT_TIME_T.
33 1427d 17h adeniz /trunk/ Added optimization "-s -O3 -fexpensive-optimizations".
32 1500d 11h adeniz /trunk/ Initial revision.
31 1500d 11h adeniz /trunk/ Initial revision.
30 1500d 12h adeniz /trunk/ Added external links to source directories.
29 1500d 12h adeniz /trunk/ Initial revision.
28 2040d 15h themeche /trunk/ Feb17ish
27 2102d 17h madscientist /trunk/ New installer built by TheMechE. He's having trouble accessing SVN, so the sources are not up to date with this, but I wanted to have a safe place for the new binary. It is also published on the web site. Solves several bugs, includes XSL and CSS for configuration file, re-tweaks problematic MDaemon install issues: No longer links editor launcher.
26 2470d 12h madscientist /trunk/ Added XML style sheet & CSS info to snf_engine.xml
Added css and xsl style sheets
24 3007d 06h themeche /trunk/ Renamed the release V3.0.2-E3.0.11.exe no brackets... in the compiled file module.... brackets are a no-no in the macro compiler.
23 3007d 06h themeche /trunk/ New Installer for SNFServer 3.0.2.... .11 release.
22 3007d 06h themeche /trunk/ SNFBuild post for SNFServerV3[1].0.2-E3.0.11.exe
21 3007d 06h themeche /trunk/ Upgraded files for new SNFServerV3.0.2-E3.0.11.exe release.