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41 344d 15h stargazer /
40 345d 09h adeniz / Incremented minor version. Reason: Fixed overrun bug in CodeDweller/
39 461d 15h stargazer /
38 461d 15h stargazer /
37 463d 05h madscientist / Version Number Change.
36 475d 13h stargazer /
35 1103d 18h adeniz / Incremented middle version number after upgrading with the saccades engine.
34 1139d 12h adeniz / Add -D_USE_32BIT_TIME_T.
33 1188d 17h adeniz / Added optimization "-s -O3 -fexpensive-optimizations".
32 1261d 11h adeniz / Initial revision.
31 1261d 11h adeniz / Initial revision.
30 1261d 11h adeniz / Added external links to source directories.
29 1261d 12h adeniz / Initial revision.
28 1801d 14h themeche / Feb17ish
27 1863d 17h madscientist / New installer built by TheMechE. He's having trouble accessing SVN, so the sources are not up to date with this, but I wanted to have a safe place for the new binary. It is also published on the web site. Solves several bugs, includes XSL and CSS for configuration file, re-tweaks problematic MDaemon install issues: No longer links editor launcher.
26 2231d 12h madscientist / Added XML style sheet & CSS info to snf_engine.xml
Added css and xsl style sheets
25 2768d 06h themeche / Trunk committed... I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. I think maybe I should have committed the trunk, first?..... hmmm.
crl version rolled in long ago. File ok to be missing.

New release for .11 bringing trunk back to Green.
24 2768d 06h themeche / Renamed the release V3.0.2-E3.0.11.exe no brackets... in the compiled file module.... brackets are a no-no in the macro compiler.
23 2768d 06h themeche / New Installer for SNFServer 3.0.2.... .11 release.
22 2768d 06h themeche / SNFBuild post for SNFServerV3[1].0.2-E3.0.11.exe