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60 610d 21h adeniz /trunk/ Updated clostStdin test to use cin.eof() and
59 619d 18h adeniz /trunk/ Update test to test closeStdin() with multiple Child instances,
and to run under valgrind.

Note: Valgrind reports 72,704 bytes reachable in testChild and childProgram.
This might not indicate any problem.
58 706d 18h adeniz /trunk/ Added testRawData().
57 706d 18h adeniz /trunk/ Added test for huge (10 MB) attribute value.
56 767d 06h adeniz /trunk/ Updated test for empty element.
55 767d 06h adeniz /trunk/ Added test for parsing an empty element.
54 827d 20h adeniz /trunk/ Test AttributeFunctor.
53 827d 20h adeniz /trunk/ Renamed Configuration to XMLReader.

Tested XMLReaderElement::indicator() and
52 895d 03h adeniz /trunk/ Do not run ChildStream tests; ChildStream is deprecated.
Update test to verify that stdout and stderr from the child are
sent to the same destination.
51 895d 22h adeniz /trunk/ Tested Child::closeStdIn().
50 968d 08h adeniz /trunk/ Tested FileOps::moveFile under Linux.
49 972d 22h adeniz /trunk/ Tested FilePath::isAbsolute() under Windows.
48 972d 23h adeniz /trunk/ Added tests for FilePath::isAbsolute().
47 988d 09h adeniz /trunk/ Tested readDelimited().
46 989d 05h adeniz /trunk/ Implemented tests for I/O with vector<char>.
45 989d 09h adeniz /trunk/ in testChildIsFinishedWriting, wait longer for child to exit.
44 989d 18h adeniz /trunk/ Updated test for Windows.
43 989d 23h adeniz /trunk/ Implemented tests of Child read(), write(), and writeAndShrink() with strings.
42 991d 03h adeniz /trunk/ Testing CodeDweller::Child.
41 1001d 06h adeniz /trunk/ Tested new constructors, isRunning(), renaming terminate() to close(),
and calling close() in ~ChildStream.