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112 464d 03h madscientist /trunk/ fixed typos & missing vector header
111 464d 04h madscientist /trunk/ Fixed attribute buffer allocation for overruns and unnaturally large attributes
75 864d 03h madscientist /trunk/ Implemented safe CString buffer creation with a guard byte at the end.
26 1383d 00h adeniz /trunk/ Remove non-source files from source directories.
25 1402d 10h madscientist /trunk/ Modified windows detection flags to include _WIN32 and _WIN64
24 1442d 05h adeniz /trunk/ Moved from SNSyncd.
23 1955d 03h madscientist /trunk/ Added destructor code to avoid throwing exceptions while cleaning up any sockets. Destructors should not throw exceptions and socket handles should always be closed even if no connections were made.
22 2026d 02h adeniz /trunk/ File is generated by the build process.
21 2125d 03h adeniz /trunk/ Added so that software from the repository can be built without
running autoreconf.
20 2477d 02h madscientist /trunk/ Updated TCPClient.transmit() to improve error handling and detection. This should prevent cases where an exception was thrown for a non-error (Success) condition. The bug was found in a log on an SNFMilter system where we were researching incomplete SYNC sessions. It is hoped this condition explains those incomplete SYNC sessions and that this new code will fix it.
19 2885d 04h madscientist /trunk/ Fixed deprecated conversion warning and added some comments.
18 2886d 00h adeniz /trunk/ Modified to build with 64-bit minGW.
17 2920d 00h madscientist /trunk/ Added code to implement SO_NOSIGPIPE socket option when MSG_NOSIGLAL is not available.
Updated some exception descriptions networking.* to improve clarity and fix some copy-typos.
16 2923d 05h madscientist /trunk/ Fixed NO_SIGNALS should have been MSG_NOSIGNAL
15 2924d 05h madscientist /trunk/ Fixed SIGPIPE bug - transmit and receive functions in networking were using NOFLAGS instead of NO_SIGNALS. As a result broken pipes would raise SIGPIPE on *nix systems -- the coded did not expect that. NO_SIGNALS is not defined for win* systems so an ifdef was added to create NO_SIGNALS like NOFLAGS where it is not defined on win* systems. Win* has no concept of signals so this is a non-event for win* systems.
14 2945d 00h madscientist /trunk/ Improved MANGLER::MANGLER so that Position is set in the initialization list.
13 2945d 00h madscientist /trunk/ Fixed initialization of NominalPollTime and MaximumPollTime so that they are both valid by the time the c'tor calls set...() on them.
Fixed comment in setNominalPollTime so it shows the correct intent (that MaximumPollTime >= NominalPollTime).
12 2945d 00h madscientist /trunk/ Fixed: base64encode should be const static
11 2981d 23h adeniz /trunk/ Include and ChangeLog in the user tarball.
10 2983d 03h madscientist /trunk/ Corrected ProductionQueue.size() - Now unsigned int, not int.