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116 87d 23h adeniz / Applied cosmetic changes suggested by Pete.
115 189d 11h adeniz / Ignore SIGPIPE in writer thread (*nix only). Reason:
Writing to a pipe with no reader raises a signal and returns
error. The Child class handles the error returned. Not ignoring
the signal would result in aborting the process.
114 205d 03h adeniz / Ignore return value of ::write().
113 205d 03h adeniz / Output error message to stdout in case of execv failure.
112 404d 09h madscientist / fixed typos & missing vector header
111 404d 10h madscientist / Fixed attribute buffer allocation for overruns and unnaturally large attributes
110 435d 05h adeniz / Corrected formatting of error message.
109 477d 02h adeniz / Formatting change; no functional change.
108 505d 07h adeniz / Replaced buffer allocated on the stack with buffer allocated
on the heap. Reason: Parsing an attribute with a large number
of bytes resulted in a stack overflow.
107 573d 09h adeniz / Removed extraneous compiler warnings about unused return values.
106 627d 04h adeniz / Add call to AttributeFunctor.
105 627d 04h adeniz / Implemented XMLReaderElement::indicator() and
104 674d 04h adeniz / Add virtual destructor for MultiTask. Reason: To be able to
delete derived objects using MultiTask *.
103 682d 13h adeniz / Use enum class, and put classes in CodeDweller namespace.
102 686d 11h adeniz / Initial revision of MultiTasker from Pete.
101 686d 11h adeniz / Initialized OneTimePad as per instructions from Pete. Reason: Using an
uninitialized variable gave many valgrind errors.
100 694d 06h adeniz / Improved error message.
99 694d 06h adeniz / Allow reading after child has exited.
98 694d 11h adeniz / Correct Child so that stderr and stdout from the child are
sent to the same output.

Deprecate ChildStream instead of correcting ChildStream.
97 695d 06h adeniz / Added Child::closeStdIn().